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As a full service sales agency, we at Basic Marketing offer our customers many services.  Below are just a few of the services that we provide to our customers.

1.  Sales meetings.

2.  Tradeshows

3.  Custom sales flyers-  A very important sales tool is the custom flyer.  We will put these sales flyers together for shows, sales meetings, to be included in sample requests, or for end-user sales calls.  We can customize these to your liking. 

4.  Annual Sales Reviews-  We will prepare a report based on sales this year versus last year and also plan for the upcoming year.  We have found this to be a great sales tool.  It helps put everything in prospective.  We do not limit these reviews to just once a year as they are updated monthly.  We will put this information together whenever it is requested.

5.  Sales Training-  We provide several different types of training. We will happily train anyone either at their location on in our office.  Our Sample Room is a great place to train people on our product lines.  Samples are just an arm's reach away.

6.  Samples- We have a  900 sq ft fully stock sample room.  We welcome anyone to come by and pick up any samples that they need.  We also have the capability to send any requested samples out from our office.  Our turn around time is usually 24-48hrs. 

7.  End-user sales support.