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Amhil is one of North America’s largest independent food packaging manufacturers, producing & selling a wide selection of sustainable products including, PET cups and lids, Straws, Food Packaging and Portion Cups.

Leading converter of paper, film and foil into bags and sheets for a wide range of packaging applications from single serve to complete meals to go.  They also manufacturer interfolded wax paper, bakery panliners, butcher/sub wrap, steak paper and bakery and foodservice bags.

Burrows products are paper-based and made from recycled materials, Eco-Flute® is also a smart choice for the environment as a superior alternative to foam and plastic products. All Eco-Flute® products are also recyclable and compostable, made from recycled materials and offer the ability to reduce overall disposal costs. They are also stackable, easy to store, and come pre-assembled. Burrows Packaging™ offers a number of standard Eco-Flute® sizes, designs and styles and can also customize virtually any order with graphic designs or product specifications.

Major manufacturer of aluminum foil products for both retail and foodservice applications.  Such products include roll foil, aluminum foil pans, sheet cake pans and steam table pans.

A leader in sustainable, customized and innovative thermoformed food packaging.Some packaging includes 2 piece and hinged 100% re-cycled PET containers made from recycled water bottles, Polypropylene trays w/ PET lids.

Products also available under the Bottle Box label.

Upscale food packaging, tableware, cutlery, catering trays and drinkware.  EMI Yoshi products are used by caterers, supermarkets, delis, and Healthcare and Contract feeders.  With the use of EMI Yoshi products, you get a level of sophistication with the luxury of convenience to any event.

Industry leader of barrier protection products, including Food Handler, MedHandler, and JobSelect branded gloves, food storage bags, apparel and headwear.

A caterer's dream.  Upscale earth friendly packaging for a distinctive culinary experience.

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Manufacturer of Hot n Handy high heat pouches, PromoBag, PromoSeal and foodservice and industrial film.


Manufacturers of heavy duty freezer to microwave take-out packaging and soup containers.

Manufacturer of high quality compostable foodservice disposables and food packaging products for use in schools, corporate cafeterias, restaurants, hospitals, parties, etc. World Centric products are made from annually renewable resources like corn, sugarcane and wheat straw fiber, some of which are by products of the agriculture industry.